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Milky the Milk Whale

Milky the Milk Whale follows an odd looking bag that steals some papers. Along the way, Milky finds many other friends. Will Milky successfully retrieve the mischievous bag? Or will he fail his mission? (Credits: Angela)

The Meowchi Restaurant

This relaxing video is about the exciting adventure of Pinky and her Sisters going out to a fancy restaurant. They enjoy their time, but in the end...(watch to find out!) (Credits: Angela and Chloe)

A Day in the Life of a Custard Meowchi

This video is about the cozy, carefree life that meowchis follow. Wake up, play, sleep, dream, read under the bed, check the date, go shopping for food, and at last, eat the newly bought groceries. (Credits: Chloe)

The Origins of the Donut Friends

Have you ever wondered how Donutina and Donutella became friends in the first place? In this magical world, each animal is given a food. Each time you meet someone, you show your food to see if you match as best friends or not. (Credits: Chloe)